APS & Associates

APS & Associates delivers content, tactics and strategic counsel for the public affairs sector."

The Approach

Our approach is research based – with an emphasis on grassroots strategic agility, execution, change and navigating uncertainty."

The History

APS brings a wealth of experience and expertise in campaigning and strategic advising that represents an expansive range of local and national political campaigns.”


APS & Associates serves the public affairs sector by turning caring into action, identifying a challenge, finding a solution, and delivering impact."


APS & Associates provides innovative guidance to translate good intentions into concrete realities."


Intergovernmental Affairs

Serving as the liaison between the client and multiple levels of government to push legislation, create and execute “issue campaigns,” and coordinate the cultivation and strengthening of relationships with elected officials.

Grassroots Outreach 

Facilitate the "on-the-ground" organizing tools that are required to personalize constituent engagement through canvassing, phone banks, and designing of local/community events. (Constituent/Voter contact helps construct and clean campaign data and target constituent/voter persuasion).


Develop and execute specific communication plans for a myriad of objectives – including constituent stewardship and strategic messaging. Serve as spokesperson for media inquiries, creation and distribution of press materials and management of social media accounts. 

We provide applied techniques and expert consultation across the public affairs sector that include private, governmental, political, philanthropic, community organizing and social activism. Personalization of your core objectives is our primary mission, as we will develop a compressive plan that incorporates the trade tools – field data, metrics, polling, community ascertainments, in-depth analysis, communication strategies and social media – to strengthen our efforts and meet the goals. Specific emphasis will be given to reaching underrepresented citizens and vital constituents. We are metrics driven and people focused. These forces, working in coordination, can have an immense impact. APS & Associates has proven capabilities and experience to consult county, city, and other local government agencies in this current public affairs climate. Candidates, Public officials, Non-profits, and private sector clients place their confidence in us to provide expert work product, advisory guidance, and innovative problem solving.


Alexandra P. Sims believes that one's birthplace and economic status should not disproportionately determine one's life journey. Her career path has taught her that real change can be brought about when there is synergy and empathy of aligned purposes among all public affairs sectors: private, government, philanthropy and strong grassroots organizing. These forces working in coordination can create the “great leveler” intended by the country’s founding principles.

“Alex” came to Chicago by way of Metro Detroit, to attend Northwestern University, where she majored in social and educational policy. She graduated with honors in 2010 and reaffirmed her belief in the power of democracy and the commitment to advocating for the marginalized and undeserved.

Having been awarded a prestigious CORO Fellowship following graduation, Alex was assigned by the CORO program to serve in the St. Louis, Missouri area and on completion of the program, followed her passion for educating and inspiring students and accepted the role of Vice Principal in a progressive school located in north St. Louis.

Motivated by President Barack Obama’s education and social policies, Alex was appointed to head his 2012 Presidential Campaign for the St. Louis region re-election effort. Following President Obama’s historic victory, Alex continued as a State Coordinator with Organizing for Action (OFA), and relocated to the Chicago headquarters. It was there that she more fully recognized the importance of voting rights and parlayed that invaluable experience and growing expertise towards founding the Chicago-based Every Vote Counts. As its first Executive Director, she directed the registration of over 120,000 voters in (4) four months - the largest voter registration campaign in the country that year.

As the Campaign Manager for Kurt Summers 2014 race for Chicago City Treasurer, she directed Treasurer Summers' broad and impactful platform.

Once elected, Alex was named Senior Advisor for the Treasurer’s Office and helped advance an aggressive and strategic agenda of financial equity and access. Their documented and widely lauded initiative called “Chicago’s 77” – visiting 77 neighborhoods in 77 days, aided the passing of landmark legislation for improved tax payer investments, developed constituent communication program, and served as liaison for all levels of government and political influencers.

The recent establishment of APS and Associates, distills the remarkable skills and talents Alex has honed and the launch of her firm will provide vast proficiency to a variety of clients in governmental affairs, grassroots organizing, non-profit and political strategizing.


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