Meeting with Obama
"From my first volunteer shift in 2008, to now helping to build the OPC in Jackson Park. I’ve worked for this guy on and off for 14’s a pretty good gig!" - Alexandra Sims

We provide applied techniques and expert consultation across the public affairs sector that include private, governmental, political, philanthropic, community organizing and social activism. Personalization of your core objectives is our primary mission, as we will develop a compressive plan that incorporates the trade tools – field data, metrics, polling, community ascertainments, in-depth analysis, communication strategies and social media – to strengthen our efforts and meet the goals. Specific emphasis will be given to reaching underrepresented citizens and vital constituents. We are metrics driven and people focused. These forces, working in coordination, can have an immense impact. APS & Associates has proven capabilities and experience to consult county, city, and other local government agencies in this current public affairs climate. Candidates, Public officials, Non-profits, and private sector clients place their confidence in us to provide expert work product, advisory guidance, and innovative problem solving.