A bridge that connects places that are uncomfortable with one another...

We build successful political & issue campaigns by leveraging our expertise and relationships. We manage how campaigns are structured and how campaign teams are developed. From the first poll to the election night party, we are invested in the success of our campaigns.
We manage the real-time stakeholder communication and public affair sector relationships that are required to maintain a strong base of support and constituent engagement.
We facilitate the "on-the-ground" organizing tools that are required to personalize constituent engagement through canvassing, phone banks, and design of local/community and regional events.
We research and create briefs to communicate policy platforms and stances on specific topics including legislative agendas, current events, and relevant public policy issues. For campaigns, we offer concise and practical political intelligence & opposition material.
We develop and execute specific communication plans for a myriad of objectives. We steward strategic earned media messaging and can serve as spokesperson for media inquiries.
We serve as liaison between you and multiple levels of government to push legislation, create and execute "issue campaigns," and coordinate the cultivation of relationships with elected officials.
We develop and place external paid marketing efforts through social/digital, tv and mail.

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