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We millennials showed up at the polls because we’re tired of the status quo

We millennials showed up at the polls because we’re tired of the status quo. Millennials comprised 34 % of the Chicago vote in this month’s election, a sign that young adults have embraced their agency and will stand up for their...

Laura Washington: Black mayors leading the nation’s biggest cities is not a new trend

When U.S. Rep. Karen Bass is inaugurated mayor of Los Angeles next week, it will mark the first time that African Americans lead the nation’s four biggest cities... "Good, and about time," Alex Sims-Jones said. "A young Black boy or a young Black girl can look and see...

Pres. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama attend presidential library groundbreaking in Chicago.

"Seeing President Obama come back to Chicago to make sure his roots are rebuilt, it's really exciting to know he picked Chicago and picked the South Side," said Alex Sims, 2012 Obama campaign regional director. Pres. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama visit Chicago for...

Black politicians launch training program for next generation

The program, called the Black Bench, will launch on Martin Luther King Day and is co-chaired by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Jacky Grimshaw, a political advisor for the late Mayor Harold Washington and the current vice president of government affairs...

Building Presence, Power and Influence in Chicago and Beyond

Politics in Chicago is like nowhere else — they don’t call it the Windy City for nothing. So, when AARP Illinois wanted to engage with the Chicago City Council for the first time after a historic mayoral race, we knew whom to call: Alexandra Sims, the founder and...

9 of Chicago’s most influential Black leaders are making real strides toward diversity at the city’s top institutions, from CPS to the Cubs

9 of Chicago’s most influential Black leaders are making real strides toward diversity at the city’s top institutions, from CPS to the Cubs Read More

Roeper Review Articles of Interest

The Roeper Review recently came out with their latest journal and there are two articles of interest to the Roeper Community that you might want to read. First is the Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter from The Roeper Institute Board of Directors AND second,...

For Black Chicago, feeling empowered isn’t the same as winning power

Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown, shown here in March, is the most recent African-American to enter a crowded field for the 2019 mayoral race. Five of the current seven candidates are black. | Erin Brown/Sun-Times Black people must be feeling empowered. Five of the...

Alex Sims: Chicago’s very own political strategist and ‘Olivia Pope’

Alex Sims (Photo credit: Danny Photography) Alex Sims has a strong handle on public affairs. The former executive with the Office of the City Treasurer in Chicago knows “Change can be created and impact can be made.” It’s why she founded her APS & Associates, a...

Forging New Paths: Alexandra Sims

Every year, Alexandra Sims (BS10) and her family travel to the Buckingham, Va., plantation where, several generations ago, her relatives toiled as slaves. “It’s an important reminder of where I came from,” Sims said of the pilgrimage, which can include up to 300...

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